"Throughout my career in the Sheriff's Office, which began in 1999, I have had the opportunity to work in and supervise every division of the Office. This experience gives me an intimate understanding of our community and citizen's needs and I would be honored to serve as your Sheriff."
What is the Sheriff's Office role with immigration?

As Sheriff I do not have the authority to enforce immigration laws. Immigration enforcement is a Federal role: we enforce State Statutes. I will only house active criminals in jail, not individuals with immigration issues.  Simply, when someone is putting our citizens in danger I will put them in jail. If someone is peacefully living in our community I will not take action.

More importantly, I see the role of the Sheriff's Office as that of a conduit to the community. We can provide information about the activities of ICE, as we have in the past, through public forums. We will support legislation that helps non-citizens obtain licenses which will allow them to purchase insurance, which promotes overall community safety. Additionally, we will work with organizations like One22 to develop better communications and trust with those who may feel unsafe.

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How will you ensure that law enforcement adequately addresses issues involving domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault?

I have worked for many years with the Community Safety Network and Teton County Victim Services to ensure that law enforcement adequately addresses issues involving domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault. Most recently I joined the Community Safety Board of Directors to support the incredible work they do for victims in the community. The Sheriff's Office, along side the Jackson Police Department, has been working to develop an audit of how we are doing serving victims of crime. My overarching goal is to identify gaps in our current system and determine how law enforcement and advocacy groups can work together to fill the gaps. 

Is opioid abuse a problem in our community?

If there is one threat to our community, above all others, I believe it to be the opioid abuse in our community. As Sheriff I will work with our partners, such as the Curran Seeley Foundation and Jackson Community Counseling Center, to further prevention and intervention efforts. My role as the Sheriff is not only to enforce the law to ensure citizen's safety but to also help citizens who may be acting unsafely find a better solution. 

I care about the people of our community and when one of our community members struggles with drug abuse we all suffer. I believe that together we can utilize our community's incredible resources to solve the opioid problem.

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How will you keep our schools safe?

I work on a daily basis to ensure the safety of our students and teachers. My time spent as the School Resource Officer deeply connected me with the students and staff to build an environment of trust and open communication. Communication between the Sheriff's Office and School District is essential during times of crisis.

As an SRO I learned the positive impact law enforcement could have on students. I worked along with teachers and administrators for one common goal – the success of the students. Everyday was an opportunity to see how we could have a positive effect on that outcome, ultimately keeping our schools safe.

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